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Kids Dome Table with Insert

Kids Dome Table with Insert


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Wavy-edged doughnut-shaped table perfect for round-sitting arrangements for interactive events. This table is made of wood and can seat 11-20 kids.

240″W  x 24″D x 22″H

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Introducing the Wavy-Edged Doughnut-Shaped Table, a unique and engaging addition to your event setup. This creatively designed table, crafted from sturdy wood, features a wavy edge and a doughnut shape, making it the perfect choice for round-seating arrangements at interactive events. With dimensions of 240″W x 24″D x 22″H, this table provides ample space to comfortably seat 11-20 kids, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere for a variety of occasions.

Key Features:

1. Creative Doughnut Shape with Wavy Edge:
Stand out from the ordinary with the Wavy-Edged Doughnut-Shaped Table, boasting a creative design that adds a playful and distinctive element to your event. The unique doughnut shape, coupled with the wavy edge, creates an inviting and visually appealing setting for interactive gatherings.

2. Wood Construction for Sturdiness:
Crafted from durable wood, this table ensures sturdiness and reliability. The robust construction guarantees a stable seating arrangement, allowing kids to comfortably participate in various activities without any concerns about the table’s integrity.

3. Perfect for Round-Sitting Arrangements:
Designed with round-seating arrangements in mind, the Wavy-Edged Doughnut-Shaped Table encourages interaction and collaboration among kids. This table facilitates a sense of togetherness, making it ideal for events where group participation and shared experiences are the focus.

4. Ample Seating for 11-20 Kids:
With dimensions measuring 240″W x 24″D x 22″H, this doughnut-shaped table provides generous space to seat 11-20 kids comfortably. The expansive seating capacity ensures that a sizable group of children can gather around, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie during your event.

5. Versatile for Various Interactive Events:
Whether it’s a birthday party, a creative workshop, or a playdate, the Wavy-Edged Doughnut-Shaped Table is versatile enough to suit a range of interactive events. The creative design and ample seating make it a dynamic addition that adapts to the needs of different occasions.

Rent the Wavy-Edged Doughnut-Shaped Table now to create a captivating and collaborative space for kids at your upcoming event. This uniquely designed table guarantees an immersive and interactive experience, fostering a sense of connection and shared enjoyment. Reserve today and let the creativity and fun flow around this innovative seating centerpiece!


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