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Kids Rattan Lyon Chair – Lavender

Kids Rattan Lyon Chair – Lavender


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Wood style frame chair with double-arch backrest. Wooden frame and pliant seat. Ideal for traditional/antique-themed events.

13.5″ H

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Step into refinement with the Lyon Chair – Lavender, a fusion of classic allure and contemporary comfort. Crafted with a wood-style frame, this chair features a distinctive double-arch backrest that sets the stage for timeless elegance. The wooden frame, coupled with a pliant seat, strikes the perfect balance between style and relaxation. Tailored for traditional or antique-themed events, the Lyon Chair in Lavender introduces a touch of sophistication to your celebrations.

The Lavender hue of the Lyon Chair radiates tranquility and grace, rendering it a versatile addition to a myriad of event themes. Whether orchestrating a vintage-inspired wedding, an intimate garden soiree, or a classic tea gathering, this chair complements the ambiance with its understated yet impactful design. With a comfortable 13.5″ height, it ensures that guests of all ages can luxuriate in the festivities.

The Lyon Chair transcends its role as mere seating, transforming into a statement piece that elevates the visual allure of your event. The wood-style frame establishes a warm and inviting atmosphere, evoking a sense of nostalgia and enduring style. Its adaptability allows seamless integration with diverse table settings and decorations, making it a preferred choice for event planners seeking a timeless touch.

Built with durability and stability in mind, the Lyon Chair’s wooden frame ensures resilience, making it suitable for various events and venues. Its classic aesthetic is not just skin deep but backed by a construction designed to endure, ensuring that this chair remains a reliable and stylish choice for your gatherings.

Immerse your event in sophistication with the Lyon Chair –Lavender. Whether you aim for a vintage ambiance or simply desire a touch of classic elegance, this chair seamlessly combines comfort and style, presenting the perfect seating solution for your special occasions.






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