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Mason Baby High Chair – Green

Mason Baby High Chair – Green


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High platform chair with spindle back and built-in table

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Rent this stylish high chair, as a vibrant and stylish addition to our party rental collection that brings a pop of color to your special events. Priced at $35.00, this high chair is a fantastic choice for creating a fun and comfortable seating arrangement for the little VIPs at your party.

Key Features:

1. Elevated Seating: The Mason High Chair features a high platform design, ensuring that the youngest party attendees have a seat at the celebration table. Elevate the party experience for the little ones, allowing them to participate in the festivities in style.

2. Eye-Catching Green: Add a splash of color to your event with the Mason High Chair in a vibrant green hue. This chair not only provides a comfortable and secure seating option but also serves as a standout decorative element, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your party.

3. Chic Spindle Back: Rent this stylish high chair which boasts a spindle back design, adding a touch of elegance to your party decor. The classic spindle detailing not only complements various party themes but also provides essential support for the little ones as they enjoy their treats.

4. Integrated Table: Simplify party logistics with the built-in table feature. The high chair comes equipped with a spacious table, perfect for holding plates, cups, and party essentials. This thoughtful addition encourages independence and allows the little guests to engage in the festivities comfortably.

5. Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the Mason High Chair is designed to withstand the excitement of any celebration. The sturdy construction ensures stability, providing a safe and secure seating option for children.




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