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Kids Metallic Chair – Lilac

Kids Metallic Chair – Lilac


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Sturdy-design metal chair with sloping backrest and no recessed arm rest. Easy self-access for kids and perfect for party games like dancing chairs. Available in black, red, lilac and grey.

13″ H

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Transform your event space with the vibrant Metallic Chair in Lilac, available for rent and priced at an affordable rate. This sturdy-design metal chair boasts a distinctive sloping backrest and is armrest-free, ensuring easy self-access for kids. Perfect for party games like musical chairs, this 13″ H chair is a dynamic addition to any celebration.

Key Features:

1. Striking Lilac Metallic Finish:
Make a statement with the Metallic Chair in Lilac, featuring a striking metallic finish that adds a pop of color to your event space. The vibrant lilac hue creates a lively atmosphere, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your celebration.

2. Sturdy Design for Reliable Seating:
Crafted with a sturdy metal frame, this chair ensures reliable seating for your guests. The sloping backrest provides comfort, making it an ideal choice for various events, from birthday parties to school functions.

3. No Recessed Armrest for Easy Access:
Designed with easy self-access in mind, the Metallic Chair is armrest-free, allowing kids to comfortably and independently take their seats. This feature promotes a sense of autonomy, making it an excellent choice for children’s events.

4. Ideal for Party Games:
Take your party games to the next level with the Metallic Chair. Its sturdy construction and armrest-free design make it perfect for games like musical chairs, adding an element of excitement and fun to your celebration.

5. Available in Various Colors:
Customize your event decor with the Metallic Chair, available not only in lilac but also in an array of colors including black, red, teal, pink, and grey. Mix and match to create a vibrant and eclectic seating arrangement that complements your chosen theme.

Rent the Metallic Chair in Lilac now to infuse energy and style into your event. Whether it’s a birthday bash or a school function, this chair is sure to enhance the overall experience for your guests. Reserve today and add a touch of contemporary flair to your upcoming celebration!




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