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White Slide Jumper

White Slide Jumper


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Commercial grade 16’L x 16’W x 10’H

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Introducing the White Slide Jumper, a bounce house designed to elevate the fun and excitement at your event. This commercial-grade inflatable, measuring an impressive 16’L x 16’W x 10’H, is the perfect addition for a dynamic playtime experience, ensuring hours of laughter and joy for party-goers of all ages.

Key Features:

1. Bounce House Fun in Elegant White:
Transform your event with the White Slide Jumper, an elegant and versatile bounce house that adds a touch of sophistication to the party atmosphere. The pristine white design complements various themes, creating a visually appealing and engaging play area for kids and adults alike.

2. Commercial Grade for Durability:
Constructed with durability in mind, this bounce house is commercial-grade, ensuring it can withstand the excitement of lively play. The robust build guarantees a safe and reliable inflatable, providing a secure environment for endless bouncing and sliding adventures.

3. Generous Size for Maximum Enjoyment:
Measuring an expansive 16’L x 16’W x 10’H, the White Slide Jumper offers a generous play area for party-goers. The sizeable dimensions provide ample space for bouncing and sliding, accommodating a larger number of children and ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the inflatable fun.

4. Versatile Play with Built-In Slide:
Take the fun to the next level with the built-in slide feature. The White Slide Jumper offers a versatile play experience, allowing kids to bounce and slide, adding an extra layer of excitement to the inflatable adventure. The combination of activities ensures a dynamic and entertaining playtime for all participants.

5. Rent for Unforgettable Event Memories:
Rent the White Slide Jumper now to create an unforgettable and joy-filled experience at your event. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a community gathering, this bounce house guarantees endless entertainment. Make your event truly special by incorporating this commercial-grade inflatable, providing a safe and thrilling play area for all. Reserve today and let the laughter and excitement of the White Slide Jumper become the highlight of your celebration!




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